Layla Born at Night

Layla has a new cover. To celebrate I'm giving you all an excerpt.

The stars, and a figure moving toward him came into view. He squinted, not sure if he were hallucinating from fatigue. “Layla?” he asked.
“Yes, Ian,” she said. She didn’t stop approaching him, but kept coming, and behind her were five other women dressed the same as she, fully armed, their hair playing colors with the firelight. She stepped up to him and before he could decipher the danger, she drew his sword from his sheath and handed it to a woman behind her. He struck out to stop her, but she blocked his thrust, taking hold of his wrist and bending his elbow behind his back.
“What do you want from me?” He squinted from the pain.
“The key to the portal, Ian. That’s all. There’s something locked up in there that we care dearly about.” She frisked his pockets until she found the phone, tossing the pocketknife to another woman. “This!”
“You have no idea how to use that. It’s useless to you.”
He eyed Abbi stirring. Elisa still slept.
“No. You’re right. That’s why you’re coming with us.”
“What’s happening?” Abbi sat up, wiped the hair from her eyes and jumped to her feet.
“Nothing to be too concerned about,” Layla said. “We’re taking your boyfriend to our ship until he answers some questions.”
“We could take them all,” one of the women suggested.
“No!” Layla answered quickly. “I want this one for my own.” She smiled at Abbi. “Your loss!”
Abbi made a move to fight but was immediately restrained by two of the women.
“Don’t, Abbi,” Ian said, fearful she’d be hurt. “Let me handle this. Take care of Elisa.” He could see the rage and terror in Abbi’s eyes when they locked onto his. He nodded, hoping she’d understand that he’d do everything he could to escape.
That was the last connection he had with her before he was escorted out of the camp, and through the rock-strewn landscape that led to the sea.


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