Cassandra's Castle Production Crew

 Executive Producers Russell Brannan and Wendy J Nelson

Director, Chris Love



Chris Love is an American director and screenwriter from Chicago, IL. After initially attending Cornell College, he finished his schooling at Benedictine University. Born into a family of entertainers, Chris continues this tradition with his love of film. Chris has been a part of several award winning films, most famously the short film ‘Lovesuck’ and is currently in production of the spec pilot, ‘Kings’. As an actor, Chris has appeared in many films including Fox’s hip hop drama, ‘Empire’.



Director of Photography Tylor Jones

Director of Photography at,

Director of Photography at Film Industry and

Owner-operator at The Production Pros



Fight Choreographer Tom Martin


Tom helped Dianne write the duel in her book Cassandra's Castle and it was then that she took up fencing and has been involved in the sport ever since. Tom has likewise been involved in the series. Now he's training the actors in the art of sword play and will be on set to choerograph the fight scenes.


Tom is the coach for Kitsap Fencing Center.

Casting Director, Actress Jennifer Angelucci-Medina



Jennifer has been a right hand friend and help throughout this entire production and her contacts with the film industry in the greater Seattle area has brought Cassandra's Castle some of the finest most experienced actors and actresses we could ask for. Jennifer has a passion for the dream and is one of our producers!



We have a wonderful team of two very talented ladies. Vicki Baltmiskis our Costume Director, whose experience in theater costume design and knowledge in historical apparel make Cassandra's Castle eye candy on screen.


And Vicky Updegrove, a costumer working dilgently on our magical characters. These ladies are fabulous seamstresses and are working behind the scenes with vigor and passion.


Additional costume credits go to Northwest Costumes in Tacoma, Gentlemen's Emporium and ISH Vintage Clothing and Costumes in Bremerton and PG #1

Make Up


Two of Washington's top make up artists will be joining us for episode #! Roots of Rebellion


Department head is Trisha Slater from Port Angeles..


Kate Dixson, currently working with Z Nation.


Their profiles speak for them!



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