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Thank you for consenting to being an ARC reader of Sword of Cho Nisi.

Here is the blurb to the story.

Sword of Cho Nisi is an adult high fantasy romance, between a young princess who thinks she’s a warrior until she makes a fatal mistake, costing her everything she’s ever hoped to have…

…and a young man who’s thrust upon a throne he never wanted, is pitted against an enemy he never asked for, and falls in love with a woman he is forced to exile.

But there’s a lot more than a love story to Sword of Cho Nisi in this trilogy.

There are kings, and emperors, castles and river towns, skrua, falcons, a dragon and a wizard who has gained enough power to rule the world but seeks one more treasure…

…to gain immortality at the expense of mankind.

Below is the tentative book cover. I may change it as I have an artist working on another cover and he may do one for this series.

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