Hoarfrost to Roses 

a paranormal historical romance

Hoarfrost to Roses is a mystery entangled with a touch of paranormal, history, and romance. Set in 1879, Adele is a young woman whose parents are murderers sentenced to hang. She is taken in by the charity of an aunt and uncle she barely knows in a society where she doesn't belong.


Grai Madison is on the verge of inheriting a fortune but is attacked, stabbed, and left for dead. His spirit, now detached, saves his life and takes him to the ruins of his deceased grandfathers' estate - a property that borders Adele's uncle's home. When Adele stumbles upon Grai and his spirit, her curiosity, and compassion involve her in his healing, in solving the mystery of his would-be killers, and in falling in love.


cover artist Mario Teodosio
Digital Painter - Illustrator - Teacher