The Ian's Realm Saga

1 ians realm trilogy teaser 2.png

Ian and his father venture into another world and get captured by dragon worshipers

2 layla born at night teaser 2.png

Ian searches for Abbi and Elisa in the Realm and falls into the sorceress' trap.

3 fallen morning teaser 2.png

Queen Hacatine seeks revenge for Layla's murder while forces in the real world plan their invasion.

4 diary of a conjurer teaser 2.png

The wizard Silvio follows a boy as the youth seeks to  discover his wicked past.

5 cassandras castle teaser 2 (1).png

Against her father's wishes, Ian's daughter visits the Realm and finds herself in the midst of an insurrection.

6 lost on taikus teaser 2 (1).png

The path of a kidnapped child could usher in deliverance for the entire Realm.  A continuation of The Tale of the Four Wizards included in the novel Diary of a Conjurer.