I'm the Queen of Impatience!

I think writing books has really reigned me in and taught me more about patience than it has any other lesson. From writing and rewriting a draft I originally thought was good, to waiting for editors, to reviewing and reading again,

The secret to conquering patience is to be tried, and tried again...and walking away knowing you (me in this case) messed up by not waiting.

Believe me, I've been tested.

I cannot believe after my latest rewrites my book came away with an unforgiveable (two actually) errors*, which I'm going to have to remedy eventually in all my books from Ingram. I corrected the eBook published with Pronoun. It will cost me money to fix it in Ingram's books.

*If you spot the errors...and it's not just a's one error done twice, I'll give you a coupon for a free eBook of mine-your choice. **Hint it's in Thread of a Spider in the chapter titled Town with no Food. Those of you who have the book already will find it. Those who don't...I'm not sure where you'll be able to purchase the mistake except in the paperback and hardbound books.

I found the mistake while listening to the audio that will be published soon. Another source of my impatience because I would love for the book to be out yesterday.

Don't worry. I've learned to wait for the best and indeed Lee Brophy is turning out the best. In fact, I do believe I nailed the Irish speech in that book. My husband said the book sounds much better with Lee reading it, than it does when he read it to himself. Could it be the popularity, or lack of Thread of a Spider, is because people don't understand the sentence structure of the slang? You tell me once the audio is out (Lee was born in Ireland and still has ties there)...and it will be. Soon. I was promised the edits will be finished this weekend. I have no idea how long ACX takes to wrap it up.

Speaking of wrap...there's another tidbit I'm waiting for and this one won't be available until January. It's a film we did of an excerpt of Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody and it's going into a larger body of work that a friend is putting together.

I would love to see this book be made into a film. We may not be able to do Cassandra's Castle because of the overwhelming amount of money we would need, but Mr. Peadlebody is doable, even as a web series.

Update on my work? Dylan is still on an agent's desk. I'm waiting..rather iimpatiently.

Where the Yellow Violets Grow is being drafted. I'm at 17790 words. Hope you aren't too impatient for that one.

Well, so my impatience is having me quit this blog post now. Thanks for reading. Please talk to me, leave a comment, let me know what you're thinking!

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