History meets legend

I spent many a long hour researching Irish history while writing Thread of a Spider. A most compelling history I must add. From the potato blight of the 1800s to the casket ships when thousands of peasants fled their homeland because of disease and famine, my heart cried for them. Diaries and journals and first hand accounts of so much tragedy that the Irish people endured. Even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. And still there are other accounts of the dance and song and ballads and poetry they contributed to society. Their all around cheerfulness, their love for their families, their traditions and their homeland. I have such respect for the Irish that if ever I could wish upon a star to be from somewhere other than where I am, it would be from Ireland.

For that reason I took some of the information I gleaned from books such as Tom Barry's Guerilla Days in Ireland and incorporated them into some of the battle scenes in Thread of a Spider, even though they were fantasized, these passages were also inspired by or fashioned after actual battles that happened in 1921, including the stampede of cattle, the Crossroads Battle, the Battle at Uptown, and others.

I am thrilled that I met Lee Brophy through ACX, and that he has contributed to the story not just in his narration, but in his enthusiasm. I have to admit, I was a bit worried as to how the Irish would take this story. Lee wrote me and told me he was excited about it and his excitement is certainly displayed in his narration. Please follow the link to Audible, download a copy, sit back and enjoy the journey.

Resources for the story include On Another Man’s Wounds by Ernie O’Malley; Guerilla Days in Ireland by Tom Barry; Irish Counties, Myths and Folktales of Ireland by Jeremiah Curtin; To School through the Fields by Alice Taylor; The Encyclopedia of the Things that Never Were by Michael Page and Robert Ingpen; and several internet resources, Irish blogs, and interviews.

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