Violets in Winter

I am so happy to announce that my manuscript Where the Yellow Violets Grow is now complete and off to get line edits and a final exam by my wonderful editors Samantha Bohrman, and Cristina Pippa, AKA Manufixers. I couldn't wait to share it with you, but didn't want to make it too public yet, so I have a Christmassy excerpt from a passage toward the end of the book to share on the VIP page.

The story is a historical romance about a Red Cross WWII nurse stationed in England and the infantry man wounded in France whom she falls in love with. It is based on letters that my sister-in-law's mother wrote her father. I guess you could call it a 'commissioned piece' because she handed me a stack of these letters, almost 100, and photos from her scrap book and said, "Here, write my mom and dad's story."

It's been such a pleasure writing this novel and I can't wait until it is in bookstores. I have come to love both Lieutenant Janet Morrisey and Technical Sergeant Lou Morrissey deeply! I think you will too once you hear their tale.

You're welcome to hop on over to the VIP page (see the tab menu), but you will have to become a member to read (which is easy, just sign up).

I promise your info goes nowhere but to my email list.

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