The Side-Trip was a jaunt

My last three books have had historical elements to them. Two were historical fantasies and I really loved writing them, studying, researching and finding clever ways to utilize the information. This new book is a historical romance with no fantasy.

No. I have not taken a turn for the worse/better (whatever your viewpoint).

Now many of you know me as a YA fantasy author. None of you know me as a romance author! I have to assure you I have not changed my ways. It's just that Where the Yellow Violets Grow was a commissioned piece requested by my dear sweet sister-in-law. I can't wait for her to get her order because it is about her mother. She wrote a lovely epilogue for the book that I've included in its pages. A special treat! I loved doing the research. Amazing, and heartbreaking both,

War is a terrible thing.

Thread of a Spider also weaves around a compelling history that had me, at times, teary eyed. The suffering of the Irish has been incredibly sad. Bringing Irish myth into this tale was an idea I had when I first started out, especially after reading Tom Barry's account of how a handful of Irishmen defeated the British. "They must have had some help," I said to myself! What better comrades could they ask for but their own clever wee folk?

My other novel created from events in the past is Cassandra's Castle. The story developed in an interesting manner, because I didn't know I would be bringing a protégé of King Manuel II of Portugal into the tale. But he fit so perfectly! I was helping a friend research some genealogy when I came across the story of the exiled king and I felt so bad for that young man! What happened to him and his family in 1908 was truly unfair. And whereas I am not qualified to write an accurate account of those events verbatim, I could certainly shape a character like him and give him...well, without spoiling the story, let's just say I could make things better for him.

I hope I didn't disappoint my readers by coming completely out of the blue with a historical romance novel.

No, I'm not headed in that direction. It was a side trip. And the next book I'm writing will not have an iota's worth of history in it. (well, not our history anyway. Maybe some history of some never-ever world...).Abbott is a fantasy that pulls all of Ian's Realm Saga together i.e. the Trilogy, Diary of a Conjurer and Cassandra's Castle. Remember, there's a war stirring off the island of Taikus?

Oh please do read Diary of a Conjurer because you won't be able to follow this one unless you do! Read the Tale of the Four Wizards (included with Diary of a Conjurer) too!

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