Abbott book 6 of Ian's Realm Saga

I had been convinced that I could simply write book six and end the saga. That is until I went over my notes, and outlines and designs, and character sketches. I realize the story will take many more books than just one to tell. Because of that, I find it necessary to catch the readers of Ian's Realm Saga up to date. I will be writing a series of short stories, or possibly novellas to fill in the background.

Some of you are aware that in the book Diary of a Conjurer, there is included four short stories titled A Tale of the Four Wizards, Patriarchs of the Realm. These stories, and especially the story Reuben, are critical to understand some of the background of what is to come. I'm going to include those stories on my website, and also other short stories I've not written yet which will bring you some background to the Saga and prepare you for book 6.

I hope you follow along. There is an exciting adventure of magic, wizardry, high sea tales, rebellion, and war, bringing in all the characters of the Saga up to now, and then some. Hold onto your hats as we embark on the newest installments of Ian's Realm Saga.

Below is an excerpt from A Tale of the Four Wizards. I will post a chapter every Monday on the VIP page. Come join us. It's free to use.

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