February hideaways

So we've had a warm winter comparatively here in WA. So far. Yet I remember years when November to January were warm and wet and then February comes and just when crocuses are starting to peek through the ground and we're thinking spring is right around the corner...whop! Along comes a freeze, or a snowstorm, or wind and ice. February is an uncertain time of year and one never knows what to do to escape.

Except readers know.

With a good book you can have the fire lit, the curtains closed to those frosty windows and hide away. I know when I was taking a hiatus from writing in December, I picked up a book...Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and couldn't put it down. When I was finished, I needed another.

Fortunately I had visited a library's book sale a few years ago and out of benevolence for a worthy cause I had purchased a bag of books, not even looking at the titles. The books have been sitting on my shelf gathering dust, and the time was ripe to pick them up.

The Book of Speculation by Sara Gruen was my next read. And no sooner had I finished that, then I needed another....and another...and another. I must say that if I had all the time in the world, and a construction company at my fingertips, my shelves would grow and soon look like this.

If you haven't read a book for awhile, I encourage you to try it. Pick a good one and the pages will multiply.

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