Remember that story I talked about a couple of months ago? The one I didn't know if folks would want to read or not. It's about a young man who is considered "slow", who has a touch of magical abilities, and who has to face the cold dark world as a stranger? I published it. I want to tell you why I wrote it.

I worked for our community's bus service for a few years, driving ACCESS for the disabled. I fell in love with our passengers. From the Down's Syndrome, to the Autistic, to people who didn't have a classification but just had trouble communicating. I felt that way too many 'normal' people (I know what's normal?) didn't appreciate them for who they are. The folks I met on my bus were so loving and gracious, and their work ethics admirable! Something which we could all take a lesson from.

I wanted to tell their story by getting into the mind of a single young man. Dylan by name. The pearls that he spins with his magic represent the hidden virtues that make him who he is, even though he doesn't know it because he's been downtrodden and abused way too long. It's a story of Dylan coming to grips with life, and learning how to appreciate himself for who he is so that he can stand for what he believes in.

Dylan is available for pre order on Amazon, and will be launched May 3. Please spread the word if you know of someone who might benefit from reading this book. NOTE: Dylan will NOT be in Kindle Unlimited as the Amazon Product page lists.Instead it will be offered through all online sales venue and paperback.

If you reviewed Where the Yellow Violets Grow, and would like to review Dylan, please send me a message via my website or at gardnersart at

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