Dragon for Sale

Time moves on, and with it spring cleaning which to me means releasing some things I've created in order to make room for newer creations. In the past this simply meant selling some of my artwork at a discount. I'm willing to do that today, but I have one item in particular I wish to transform into another.

I am willing to let Old Stenhjaert go out into the world now, but I need an Angel investor who would like to see him take flight - in the form of a VFX dragon on a screen. What I'm attempting to say is, this three panel 4 ft X 9 ft original oil painting interwoven with corrugated copper leaf created by yours truly, that was once the image for my now out of print trilogy, Deception Peak, Dragon Shield and Rubies and Robbers (now known as Ian's Realm Saga) is for sale.

All proceeds will be used for the making of Ian's Realm the Film. Highest bidder gets the bounty. Bear in mind we need at least $5,000. Please email me privately.

#dragon #dragonforsale #oilpainting #art #fineart #originaloilpaintings #paneldragon #DLGardnerfineart

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