The Joy of Collaborating

Writing is a solitary craft. Hiding away in a room furnished with only a desk, a lamp, and a computer the craftsman pens his or herself into a world completely alienated from reality. The genre really doesn't matter. Just the fact that the author is somewhere else in space and time separates them from this world. Even non-fiction can do this to a person.

"To write means to live a solitary life" -Ernest Hemingway

Not until the story is finished does that writer make contact with the here and now. Even then it's debatable as to how solid their landing in this world is. Some of us have been known to dwell in other worlds even away from our notebooks. Conversations about our characters, or to them, haunt us day and night.

We're all very human though and there's a social instinct that stirs inside. That's why when the author shares their 'other world' experiences with artists of different mediums; visual, dance, theater, film, something magical happens.

For the non-artist type, the product can simply be a means of entertainment. An hour of "escapism". A good movie or TV show.

But for the cast and crew of a movie adapted from the works of a novel the process takes months, possibly years to create that one hour of enjoyment.

Why all the effort?

The answer is in the joy of the journey, the thrill of collaborating with other visionaries. There is nothing more fulfilling than fleshing out a story and watching it bloom before your eyes. It takes a lot of people to make a film, and lot of energy time and money for that one hour of entertainment.

In 17 more days, we'll be filming a 10 minute short of Ian's Realm. I am so excited to begin! And yet the preparations we've been making, the costumes, the screenplay, the networking, the fundraising, are all a part of the journey and I love it

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