Time for Abbi

I've been listening to you, my fans, concerning Ian's Realm. you've read the trilogy and many of you have commented on wanting to know more about Ian's adventures in the Realm. Sadly, Diary of a Conjurer happens 8 years later. What was going on with Ian and Abbi before that?

Well, it's writing time again.

Having filmed a short proof of concept film for Ian's Realm this month, putting faces to the characters has inspired me to continue Ian and Abbi's story. So I've already begun the premise of the next adventure they take.

Kandace Caine (Abbi) and Jeff Stillwell (Ian) on set of Ian's Realm

All is not well in the Realm, nor in the real world for Ian. Abbi's nursing career causes emotional difficulty. Elisa gets some tragic news, and Ian struggles with fitting into reality. It's no wonder that the magic of Ian's shield alters their destiny.

I'll be writing as often as possible, juggling my time with getting this fundraiser to completion (please take a look at our page. We need funds for post production and would really appreciate your help even if it's the $20 you'll need for the password to view the completed short film).

While you wait for this story (and I hope it doesn't take too long. Walks in the woods are again shaping the tale) take a look at all the neat little behind the scenes videos we have on our FB page and on the updates of our Seed and Spark fundraiser page! We want to include you in all that we do!

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