Updated: Jun 2, 2019

So I've been writing the Ian's Realm book 3.1 in answer to the fans and the story has really been (pardon the expression) blowing my mind. Why? Because even though I do NOT wing it, so to speak, but plan and outline and pretty much dictate the story, some twists and turns have been happening that have changed the entire course...simply because I must take into account who my characters are and what they would and would not do. I am extremely excited to bring this story to you. I've been writing with NaNoWriMo and tomorrow is the last day. I have only 3,000 words to go and I'm going to finish the draft before tomorrow night.

Another AMAZING happening is that as you know we've been running a fundraiser for Ian's Realm. We finally got some footage to tease you with. We're at 81% and are shooting for 100% but there's only one day left. If you think this story is something you'd like to see on TV...than please do visit the

Ian's Realm

Check out the site, the synopsis, the cast and crew, and of course the awesome perks available and pledge if you would!

There's a lot of talent working hard on this.

Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions at all! I love hearing from you!

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