Whence comes the Inspiration?

I often get asked where my inspiration for my stories come from. There's no question that I am inspired by nature. Long walks in the woods near my home, or misty beaches, or the mountains. The Pacific Northwest is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth to live. These are photographs I took on some of my walks. Theiler Wetlands, Pacific Beach, Hoh Rain Forest, Ruby Beach.

"The song of redwings chorused through the wetlands. A cane toad jumped from a piece of driftwood into the reeds leaving a splash. Fish broke the surface of the water, leaving shimmering ringlets that reflected the gray of the afternoon sky..." -Ian's Realm

Man, how I missed being here alone, listening to the surf. Not another soul stirred, only me and the gulls and constant heartbeat of the breakers against the shoreline - Dylan

The music was a whisper in the distance, even more audible than earlier. The melody rose above the babble of the creek and seemed to be coming from the same direction. He moved noiselessly away from camp, back the way they had come, sliding off the deer trail and down the hill. The ground was soft, layered with years of fallen leaves, rotting bark, mushrooms, and soil soaked in rain. The leather pampooties his father had made kept him light on his feet and able to feel the ground beneath as he descended the slope. - Thread of a Spider

I don't get writer's block, really. If I come to a halt because I'm not sure what to write, I step outside The earth is an endless fountain of life, of inspiration, of brilliance, of creative stimulation.

I had some fantastic news yesterday. Dylan won Best Screenplay at the European Cinematography Awards film festival. Maybe someday we'll see it as a movie! Here's hoping.

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