A New life from an old seed!

Spring time is certainly giving me new life this year! I'll be 70 years old in May and like my friend told me, 70 is the new 50. Although I'm thinking 70 is the new 30. I feel a surge within that is much like a sprout popping through the last crusty layer of soil ready to burst with color. A daffodil? A rose? A poppy?

I'm not sure, but the feeling is refreshing. And it makes me wonder what I've been doing all these years? Why haven't I accomplished half as much in my 30 years of youth as I am in my golden years? Maybe that's why they call them golden. Because when all the wisdom we gain from life experience finally hits the shore, and the drama is no longer rocking our ship, those gentle breakers that crawl slowly up the sands finally give us the quietude we need to think our projects through from beginning to end.

Never enough time to get it all done now, it seems. I have stories to tell and I'm excited about them, yet I can only sit at this computer for so long during the day.

I am 1/2 through my outline of Ian's Realm book 3.2. Not many of you have read Layla...but when I get this next book done, you're going to want to read them both. There's a threat looming over the Realm that far exceeds the peril of any dragon or wicked queen. And yes, Ian and Abbi have the burden on their shoulders. I can't wait to start the draft but I still have a bit more planning to do.

Add to that, Shawnaci Colin, my partner-producer for Ian's Realm and I have decided we will be pitching the film Ian's Realm Saga as a feature instead of a TV series. So of course, I need to rewrite that screenplay.

And then I have another hot idea for a new series which is going to be so much fun to write. I feel like I need to put this old battle axe in another gear!

I'll be entering a few arts shows this summer, one at Emerald Downs with some equine art. I'll be taking my books to some festivals and those dates will all be posted on the home page of my website so watch for them.

Just put a couple pieces in the Helen Norris Show at the Sidney Gallery. If you're in Port Orchard, come by and see the show. Reception is May 11.

Speaking of events...I've been asked to sit on a panel at the Port Orchard Film Festival.

What a great line up that festival has too. From May 3 to May 5, non stop (almost) Indie films at the DragonFly Theater in downtown Port Orchard WA.

Awards? Dylan's won Best screenplay for the European Cinematography Awards, and just now won best pitch at the Top Screenplay Film festival. Here's hoping we can raise some funds to film it!

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