Garden Means Growing

My husband is building a swing and arbor under our wisteria. It's in full bloom right now and smells so wonderful! Between the wisteria and the lilacs I would call my yard a perfume garden.

I've been writing book 3.2, the sequel to Layla. After reading Robert Jordan's 14 book series Wheel of Time, I'm approaching how I write in a new way. I hope you all enjoy it! This is turning into a new series, really.

Since there's an 8 year gap between the trilogy and Diary of a Conjurer, I thought I had better fill that in. Ian gets himself in even more trouble, and the Realm is almost obliterated. And talk about love affairs...oh my! Do read Layla so that you're ready for this book!

I'm thrilled to announce that Jeff Stillwell, who stars in our short film Ian's Realm, is currently narrating the audio book Dylan. He's doing such a wonderful job! Such a clear and precise voice and so much feeling! We should have Dylan the audio book released this summer.

On the subject of audio books, I have coupons for Thread of a Spider, Where the Yellow Violets Grow and Pouraka.

I've given coupons out before in hopes for some reviews but have not had many reviews in return. I would love to share these coupons with you. Even a star review would help! It's true that often a review will make or break a products, so if you like my stories, please do leave a review. Thanks ever so much. And write me if you want a coupon for one of my FREE audio books.

Our short film is finished and entered in festivals so if you want to see it subscribe to the film website and find out the screenings. We're also going to be having a premiere here in WA this summer. Stay tuned!

I've started signing books again. Too many to list here, you can see the venues I'll be at by visiting my home page of my website.

I'm joining up with a group on Facebook for a huge conference with 200 other authors. Join us for the #OWSCyCon2019 kick-off. This HUGE #online #Book event takes place May 17th-19th. Over 200 #Authors are hosting #BlogTours, #CharacterBattles & #CoverWars @Brackify #Tournaments, #FSFRL #Takeovers, #StoryTime & more...

If you like books, this event is for you! And speaking of books...I have the Ian's Realm series published in a smaller paperback edition for those who like compact. You can get these on Amazon but make sure you read the description as the small books are 5 1/2 X 8. I don't have links right now as Amazon is still processing them. So just make sure what you're buying is the size you want. The originals are 6 X 9 inches.

Until next week, enjoy your gardens, and don't forget to take some quiet time to bathe in the sun and read a good book!

FYI All my books can be found here.

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