A dream come true

Have you had them? Dreams come true that is? Remember sitting by the window on a rainy day looking for a rainbow? Or on the front lawn blowing on a dandelion and making a wish?

Did you ever toss a coin into a fountain in hopes for a dream to come true? Blow out candles on a birthday cake and count the years until that awaited day arrives?

They do, you know. Dreams. They do come true. They don’t just magically happen…well maybe some do…but if you work for it and stay focused, those “wish I may and wish I might have the wish I wish tonight” can become a reality.

Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to work with the film industry. I grew up in sunny California. A hop skip and a jump from Hollywood. But mostly I wanted to work for Disney. Even today if someone tells me they used to work for Disney I get a little shudder run up my spine.

I had my first taste of dreams come true with my little one minute film played at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. I didn’t get to go because my husband was going through chemo at the time. He made it just fine, cancer free now.

In September the short concept film we produced – Ian’s Realm – will be playing in my neighborhood at the Gig Harbor Galaxy Uptown Theater (my favorite theater by the way). I’m floored. It’s not a trailer, it’s a short film so it will last longer than a minute and I will get to sit on those reclining seats and watch it with my friends. Surround sound and everything!

If you have a dream on it’s way to coming true tell us about it. They are special times in our lives.

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