A moment of Thanks, no make-believe

Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the men and women who lived before me in this country, that they lived in harmony with the earth and each other and gave of themselves in a perfect sacrifice to our forefathers.

It is this education that drives me. When a nation of people gave so much of themselves, who were sacrificed in long and horrendous hardship, who suffered and still suffers genocide, who to this day live in a poverty they don’t deserve, discrimination, and hopelessness, I cannot help but wonder what mankind is doing to himself.

Still our government robs from them.

Still we rob from ourselves. Every time we pollute our land, our oceans, our streams, our air, we are killing ourselves, and yet man fights for the right to do so.

Is our hope only in finding another planet to live on because we have so ruthlessly destroyed this one and the people who tend to it?

Will the people of our country never see rest again? Beauty? Peace?

#DianneLynnGardner #nativeamerican #Thanksgiving #thoughts

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