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Again, we interrupt this A to Z (glad I’m ahead at this point) for another word from me. For those who don’t know, we’re celebrating the launch of my book Altered on Facebook at 4 pm PDT tonight! Please do stop by. We have a $20 Amazon GC, a $10 Gift voucher at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and a grand assortment of best selling books to giveaway. If you can’t make it tonight, you can enter for the grand prize without being there. Instructions are on the event page.

And if you are not into parties, you can just stay home and read the book!

To entice you a little further..Here are some reviews I’ve been getting.

Everyone should read “Altered.” Even though set in the future and considered a YA book, the possibility of a situation such as this is not as far fetched as some may think. Taken over by the Grey Army, citizens are forced into Labs to modify food that is made to enhance certain characteristics in people, or make them complacent. Others are forced to abandon their homes and enter “nursing homes,” where their minds are altered. Still others are forced to join the Grey Army for the few privileges. I found this book to be intriguing and frightening. The writing is crisp, clear, and concise, making for an entertaining read. My mind wandered far enough to think of what I would do, faced with this threat. The author definitely has the ability to engage the reader! -aro


A truly triumphant and inspirational read!!! Welcome inside of a world that not only mirrors the reality in our world today, but also the world I myself am personally from being a Native American Indian. As I began to read I was touched by the incredible courage and strength of the main character Abree. Her determination to overcome her current hardships and to be a pivotal change through the horrible circumstances she finds not only herself, but of those who are closes to her. It’s amazing how a story written with such eloquence and emotion can touch you. Author Dianne Gardner has done just that. I felt all the emotions of a little girl so long ago sitting and listening to the Native stories being told to me by my grandmothers, which were also my parent’s, and how even then those stories and circumstances could apply to the ever changing but still the same world we live in today. Brilliantly and with such exceptional vision and ease, Author Dianne Gardner creates a visually alive world within the pages of her novel that you will find yourself so drawn in, that you will have to pause and question if it is not your reality. Perfection at its best, a truly awe inspiring and triumphantly amazing read!!!

(WaAr) Read and Reviewed By: De Ann Townes Jr. Author of (Peer Inside My Soul and See Me) and (A King Among Prince)

Altered begins with a premise that seems rooted in a fear that’s become more prevalent in the modern world: food contamination. We live in an era where things that were once considered safe have become potential dangers to us. A few years ago, I wouldn’t thought of pre-packaged salad as potentially life-threatening, for instance. Now, it feels sometimes that the media is constantly alerting the public to some new problem with the food supply. Gardner takes this problem one step forward: what if the supply was being contaminated on purpose? What if this contaminant could be used as a form of mind control?

When you think about it, this is a terrifying idea. How can you retain freedom when everything that sustains you is a tool meant to keep you captive?

This is the problem that the young antagonists must struggle with as the secret is revealed. A shifting storyline moves the focus between the United States and Mexico, between children and parents, between those who have given up and those who will never give in. There is much more to the world that Gardner creates, I think, than just one short novel can express and one hopes that the author will retain this delicate balance between modern politics and old gods and continue on with the tale that she has begun.

(Abbreviated from a longer blog post at A Few Words.)

This book will make you think… if you want to. The premise of the story revolves around something that could very well happen in our future: food contamination. The Grays (military officials, basically the people running the country) mess with the genetics of food to make people stronger, faster, complacent, calmer, etc. Pretty much, whatever they want you to feel or do, they can manipulate you through the food.

That’s a scary thought. A very real thought. This could happen. Dianne’s writing is fluid, the action in the book is nonstop, and the characters are very real. I feel like I’ve been to Mexico with Ivana, Jose, Nate and Jerry; that I’ve been to first the Lab and then prison with Abree. There are so many things that happen in this novel, which also has a strong line of mythology in it, based around the Quetzacoatl and the Ant People. Everything about this book is captivating. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great YA Dystopian to read! -Erin

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