A note on reality

Have you ever noticed how a juicer works?

I have one that I don’t pull out often enough.  I really should be drinking more juice. Blackberry, carrot, celery. They say all of a plant’s nutrients are in the juice and when you get to be my age, you need all the nutrients you can get!

It’s actually fun , sliding that tough knotty old carrot into it’s slot, pushing down and watching centrifugal force and the blade do it’s work. Grinding the pulp to shreds and extracting that rich luscious orange liquid into my old-time enamel pitcher.

The big machine called the world seems to be doing the same thing.

To us.

Dropping us into our slots and delighting in our wild spin around the blade that eventually shreds us into nothing but life energy, and then harvesting it.

Yes. I feel a bit juiced at the moment.

I spent a good long time writing a book. It took awhile to get the plot points, the character’s goals, their relationships, their conflicts, the theme of the story, the build, the resolution. I researched, and studied, and worked hard. I wrote a draft. Edited, and rewrote. I sent it away to get critiqued, edited more, and then rewrote again. After a good long time I finalized it and put my signature on it and called it done. But it wasn’t. I had to format, and reformat. Upload, review, preview and reload again. And then I declared it published. Yes. I gave it to the machine.

And the machine decided my work was its work and called it its own. It could do whatever it wanted to. Promote it’s own agenda, give my book away for it’s own benefit. Take away reviews for some unknown reason, and the ultimate was not giving me credit for sales.

I’m just a little gal with a little book. I don’t make a lot of money in the arts. Not many people ever did. But I enjoy writing and when I write…well, the book is my baby. I’m not slipping it to the juicer. Not today.

So I’m going to find a local printer, and maybe I’ll get my little book a nice hard cover, because that’s my artwork on there and I want to show it off. Maybe I’ll put some photos that my son and his wife took in it, some underwater photos and share what little proft I might make with them.

That machine can find their knotty carrots some place else.

Just a musing. Enjoy.

Pouraka is no longer available on Amazon. Right now you can get it on Createspace but as soon as I find a local printer it will be available from me. The author. On my website.

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