A Poem in honor of Dr. Maya Angelou

Angelou, date unknown. Photograph by Chester Higgins Jr./Getty

A Poem in honor or Dr. Maya Angelou

“And in response to all the violence against women”

And God said,

Here is a companion for you. Made from your flesh from your bones.” And, as a good steward of this most precious gift; a seed worthy of planting, worthy of enamored gentle care you called us “less than”, a possession to be used.

When we offered you knowledge, we let you taste the fruits you became greedy. With your gained “wisdom” you taught yourselves the art of language, the written word. And with that word you shackled us, rape us, you stoned us.

But our Will is not broken for our daughters and our granddaughter’s daughters. We stand for the lives untouched by your domineering hands.

We have sought a new knowledge one with freedom and strength. We will rewrite the Word. My sisters will not know the lashes of the dog’s leash, the nape has been chewed as we escape your jowls bloodied and skin exposed we stand. Justice is coming and you will feel the shame of your sins. The god you created to validate this “holy” bondage will burn in the shadows of that justice… -Ruth Marburger

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