A to Z and and Seven Leagues!

If a man were to walk 7 hours per day, he would then walk 7 leagues. A league is 4.828 kilometers. A seven league boot would enable their wearer to cover 33.696 kilometers in a single step.

How could one wear such clumsy garb? That’s easy! Just ask Hop o’ My Thumb! Because he found out that if you steal these boots from their previous owner, (an ogre) they are magic and fit like a glove. The boots will get you far and fast! (And they had better I might add).

Kleinduimpje (Hop o’ My Thumb) in de Efteling Date 14 June 2008, Author Jeroen Kransen

Hop O’ My Thumb was the smallest person to ever wear a pair of seven league boots. He stole his from a giant and as soon as he put them on, they fit perfectly! Without these boots, in fact, he could never had become the king’s messenger.

A sad little tale about a boy and his brothers who are abandoned by their parents because the couple are too poor to take care of the children, Hop O’ My Thumb uses his wit to save himself and his siblings from an Ogre.

The French folktale was first published by Charles Perrault as Le petit Poucet in Histoires ou contes du temps passé in 1697. The French name for the hero, “Poucet” [Poo-seh], derives from the French word “pouce” [pooss], which means “thumb”, “big toe”, or “inch”. The suffix “-t” gives it an affectionate touch given the morphemes of the language. -Wikipedia

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