A to Z and X is for Little Computer Characters Coming to Life


Yep. That’s my little guy, or rather Ian’s. One of the first magical phenomenons in Deception Peak (book I of the Ian’s Realm Saga) is when Ian, Abbi and Alex, having stepped through the portal that their computer opened, come across a little man. Strangely enough, he’s a computer character that Ian had made.

One of my first paintings of Xylon from Deception Peak

Abbi, Ian and Alex exchanged glances, holding back their amusement so as not to offend the little man. He scowled at their pleasure, anyway, and protest resounded in his voice. “I’ve been wandering around for a year. It’s not been easy, you know, not having a door to go into. The days get hot and the wind gets chilled, and goodness knows, it’s been tough enough hiding from that dragon, big feet and fire and all: run, run, and run. It seems that’s all I do these days. Look at my clothes.” He dusted his shirt. “All I need is a house door, you know. It’s about time you got here. Your button, sir, is the only thing that can make a door.” “Dragon?” Abbi’s smile disappeared, her face paled. “Well, yes. You must have seen him. Lives in those mountains. Frightful beast he is, but rather clumsy at that.” “What more can you tell us?” Ian’s heart beat faster. He eyed his father, who stood with his arms crossed. “What more do you want to hear, sir? What more would you even want to know. He’s a killer. Stay away from him, sir. Very dark, very, very dark. Not something you’d want to play with.” He turned to Alex, “Sir?” “Oh, of course. Your door.” Alex tried touching several buttons on his remote to no avail. “If you have a red one, sir, that would do it.” Alex clicked the red button and to their surprise, a mound of dirt rose from underneath a pile of ferns and opened up, revealing a narrow tunnel just the size of the little man, who quickly dodged into the center and disappeared.  –Deception Peak Xylon later became the father to generations of little people in the Realm, later known as the Xylonites, who, through their efforts, come to Ian’s side during his darkest hour.

Dianne Lynn Gardner @2013 from book III of The Ian’s Realm Saga Rubies and Robbers

Xylon jumped on the log next to him and sat down. “Pardon my saying, sir, but you’re not yourself tonight.” “No. I’m not.” Xylon scratched his beard and shaped his eyebrows, grunting and sighing. Thinking must be hard for you! “Can I ask, sir, why not?” Ian shrugged and rested his head in his hands again. “I don’t know, Xylon. I guess I kind of feel like you did before Mrs. Xylon arrived. There’s so much to do, and no will to do it. I guess I’m overwhelmed.” “About the war?” Ian shook his head. If the war were his only trouble, he’d be a happy man. “Is it . . .” Xylon cleared his throat. “Is it about your Abbi, sir?” “Good guess.” “Oh sir, no. It’s not a guess at all. Not by your sorry look, it’s not. Only one thing can make a man look as sad as you, sir. Love. That’s what it is, sir.” –Rubies and Robbers (Book III of the Ian’s Realm Saga) publication date to be announced. Eighteen years later, the Xylonites are still thriving in the Realm, though trouble forced the little people to more south east from Alcove Forest to the Bandene coastline. Cassie finds the soldier Xylepher, a direct descendent of Xylon,and a right hand man to the wizard Silvio in Cassandra’s Castle (to be published sometime next year).

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