A to Z challenge D is also for Doppelganger

Okay, so that shameless plug of my pet dragon perked up my Doppelganger, who insists I change the subject before D-Day is over.

What is a Doppelganger?

This impish little (or large whichever applies) spirit is a shadow that stands directly behind you…or me. No one can see it, unless it belongs to you. You can turn around really fast, but you won’t catch it because the silly thing moves faster than you. If you go to the right, it moves to the right, if you dance to the left, why there it is dancing with you. It’s not a quiet spirit, not unless you are. If you speak it echoes your voice and just as loudly I might add, so you had better watch your tone, for its voice will fade into yours.

There’s a reason it stays so well hidden. You see, a Doppelganger, as pesky as it is, loves its owner and would not shame or embarrass you no matter what. So that’s why it stays hidden.

So why even have a Doppelganger?

Well, we all need a sympathetic audience from time to time, it’s true. And that is the Doppelgangers mission…to make you feel not alone. So when you have a problem and you tell your friends your issues and they say “You’re not alone…” Yes. They are referring to your Doppelganger.

Animals can see them. Dogs will bark at them and a cat might jump at them.

Doppelgangers can cause problems if it is a malicious one. It can leave your side and start trouble, making onlookers believe they saw you do things that you did not do, and in so doing get you in much trouble. It can also put words in your mouth. Be careful to keep your Doppelganger under control if you can find a way.

If you do figure out how to manage one, please let me know!

Information gathered from Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were by Michael Page and Robert Ingpen. @1985 Viking Penguin Press

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