A to Z F is for Fairies…Faeries, Fay Fey…or whatever.

Boy if you aren’t on top of these A to Zs, the alphabet flies by!

Sunday is F day…Oh my. How I used to dread those!! Ahem…

I have in my notes that I’m supposed to talk about Fairies today. Or…faeries…

You know, those little people? Alias the Good People. Fay. Fey

Here’s an unknown fact…or it was unknown to me anyway. Fairies originated in Italy and there they were known as Fatae. We all know that the Romans built roads. And the Romans traveled far and wide on the roads that they built. The Fatae went with them evidently, finding

Fairies were always considered a good thing, having been known to give good gifts to newborns if they were well received by the household. If not…well I suppose the story of Sleeping Beauty is a prime example of this. The first fairies giving the gifts of wit and beauty and grace, then the baby was given artistic gifts, and then that irritable obnoxious and jealous fairy gave her the gift of death. Fortunately she wasn’t the last in line. But you know the story!

There are other stories about fairies, many of them tell of the precious gifts that they give. And it could very well be that the term Fairy Tale comes in itself a gift to children, from the fairies. I know I would look forward to my mother telling me stories about fairies.

My favorite, of course was the Tooth Fairy. She would come and take my tooth that had fallen out that day, but she always left a bright shiny quarter (back in the days when a quarter was really worth a quarter). My mother was an artist, so she would draw a picture of the fairy that came. And if she didn’t have time to draw the fairy’s portrait I would always ask her what color

It’s amazing how many people are really in love with fairies, and how many actually claim they are part of the wee people’s clan. Here in the northwest, fairy festivals are an annual occurrence and at them you will see all sorts of beautiful creatures! It’s really become a culture. They dance and sing and dress up in beautiful costumes. You can see pictures of all the lovely gatherings that are scheduled here! Have fun!

And if you have some fairy festival photos, post them if you can!

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