A to Z G today, Monday the day of Gnomes

The little guys are twelve centimeters tall (4.72″) and perfectly formed. They resemble their host people, so if they’re from China, they have the same features as the Chinese.

From Monstropedia

Their name comes from the Greek word gignosko, which means to understand. Their uniqueness comes in that they understand everything about the cosmos. I think this is what separates them from other little creatures. They are so intelligent. They are also happy, probably because they have such a keen sense of what is going on all the time. Why worry if you know what’s going to happen? Just go with the flow. I’m already falling in love with these guys!

Gnomes were originally created to look after the minerals in the earth, but I think with all the story tellers since the 16th century, they’ve been given a few other chores. Evidently their perspective on things evolved because men started invading their underground colonies and wrecked havoc in their homes (what else is new?). So Gnomes rose to the surface and found homes in the forests about the same time that King Arthur reigned in Britain.

Despite the bullying by men, gnomes still found it in their heart to help the big clumsy oafs. They did small things for people, like filling water jugs and helping the cobblers build shoes. Always returning evil with good, the gnomes had to contend with men logging the forests. Like anything wild, its becoming harder and harder for an honest gnome to find a place to live.  I guess some of them have gone to Australia.

Resources:  Things That Never Were by Michael Page and Robert Ingpen. @1985 Viking Penguin Press1.Tasha’s Thinkings (Vampires)7.Making Believe

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