A to Z N is for Narcissus

Sometimes I wonder how people ever come up with stories like this. Was it to teach a lesson? Could it really have happened in some form or another? Did some mother think their child was going off the deep end so she told a bedtime story to yank him back?

I love Greek mythology. I always did. I find the stories simply fascinating.

Narcissus-Caravaggio (1594-96)

Narcissus is tragic. Here you have a handsome young man. He falls in love with a beautiful young lady, who he didn’t know was cursed by a goddess and made to echo everything he says. Can you imagine. He really wants a relationship and she just keeps repeating what he says. Finally he thinks she’s making fun of him. So he gets angry and rejects her. I can see that happening.

Then he gets punished for not understanding. No wonder people were forever getting angry at the gods!

Wikipedia Common

As his punishment, the gods send him to a pool where he falls in love with his reflection and cannot leave. There he dies and when his friends find him a flower remains in his place. Yes, the lovely Narcissus.

That’s one version. There are many but I like this one the most and it goes along with the post I did of Echo in the A to Z E is for Echo post.

A note on Caravaggio, Caravaggio, considered the most famous painter of Rome in the 1600s, made the technique of chiaroscuro (3D effect done through value gradation) a dominant stylistic element, darkening the shadows and transfixing the subject in a blinding shaft of light. He was the forerunner of Baroque art and many artists after him styled their work after his.

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