A to Z O is for Orion

I chose Orion today not only because it’s my favorite constellation, since it’s one of the only ones besides the big dipper that I can spot without much effort, but also because I have a grandson named Orion that I see rarely but love dearly!

Tales were told in olden times, long before stories were written, which is in itself a fascinating yet dying tradition. When was the last time you or I actually told a tale handed down from our grandparents? Something to thing about…

Daniel Seiter, Diana next to the Corpse of Orion, Louvre, 1685

The telling of tales is perhaps the reason there are so many versions of these stories, but there are some very definite elements to the tale of Orion.

Orion was a believed to be the son of the sea god Poseidon because he had the ability to walk on the waves. Coming from Crete, he walked to Chios, got drunk and attacked the kings daughter. The king blinded him and sent him away. Orion blind and stumbling somehow found his way to Hephaestus, who instructed his servant to guide Orion to the sun, knowing that Helios would be able to heal him. Once whole again, Orion became a hunter and went on excursions with Artemis. I’m not sure why but on one such hunt, he claimed he would kill all the creatures on earth, which of course angered Mother Earth, who send a scorpion to stop him. The scorpion killed Orion.

@ Till Credner,

After his death, the goddesses requested that Zeus place Orion in amongst the constellations, which he did, and he also sent the scorpion up there to commemorate his death. You can see the two to this day!*

Resource, Wikipedia, Orion

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