A to Z P is for….PIXIES

Okay. It’s a good thing I have another resource for pixies other than the Internet. The world wide web would have me believe that the little folk who were the first inhabitants of Cromwell, who waged war against the fairies about the time of the Roman conquest, who have red hair, turned up noses, green eyes  and wear green to camouflage themselves in the lush and grassy countryside–are actually an alternative rock band from Boston in 1986.

I swear, what is this world coming to? Just goes to show you can’t trust everything you read!

John Bauer’s illustration for The Changeling by Helena Nyblom in the anthology Among Pixies and Trolls, 1913, Källa

Or perhaps this is one of their tricks? They are, it’s true, fond of leading humans astray. But you can fool them in turn by wearing your coat inside out! Just be very very careful because if you aren’t, you may be permanently bonkers, singing and carrying on and perhaps even telling crazy stories to the trees. An ailment commonly known as ‘pixie led’ .

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