A to Z Reveal!

Yes, Making Believe is going to be participating in the 368 Blogs Blog Hop for April. A to Z. This hop is going to feature bloggers writing on their favorite most creative subjects every day using the alphabet as their prompt. And today, the day when all 368 of those bloggers will be revealing what their subject is, I am going to reveal mine.

From A to Z, everyday in April, I’ll be posting a make believe fantasy creature. I’m really looking forward to this. It’s going to be a learning experience for me, as well as for you. While we wait for April 1, feel free to post in the comments your favorite fantasy creature! Maybe, just maybe I’ll post it here. I’m hoping to do at least a pen and ink sketch as well, if I’m not too busy. So stay tuned. And the  linky list on the right hand column will take you to all the other bloggers.

Have fun hopping on this one! I know I will!!

#youngadult #AtoZ #creatures #blog #epic #adventurefantasy #DianneLynnGardner #magic #dragons #fantasy

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