A to Z W is for Waterhorse.

I’m a little late with today’s post but I have something exciting planned for tomorrow so hopefully that will make up for my tardiness.

It lives in rivers and deep waters  and has been thought to be the Loch Ness Monster.

Water horse

We’ve all seen the movie, perhaps of the 2007 American-British film directed by Jay Russell. The screenplay, written by Robert Nelson Jacobs, and is an adaptation of Dick King-Smith‘s children’s novel (*Wikipedia). A lovely tale about a little boy who finds an egg on the beach, cares for it, and nutures it as it grows into an humongous serpent.

But the story doesn’t begin there. The story begins with a creature that looks like this.

It lives in rivers and deep waters  and has been thought to be the Loch Ness Monster.

This isn’t all made up. Look at the latest recorded sightings and then tell me!

  1. In 1846, Captain Christmas of the Danish Navy reported sighting “an enormous, long-necked beast pursuing a school of dolphins” somewhere between Iceland and the Faroe Islands. He described the creature as having a horse-like head and a neck as thick as a man’s waist “moving gracefully like a swan‘s”.

  2. At 5pm on August 6, 1848 an officer of HMS Daedalus noticed as unusual-looking animal swimming towards the ship. It was said to look similar to a sea serpent with a four-foot-long neck. Its head was about 15 or 16 inches long. It was reported to have no visible fins/flippers or tail showing and it had what appeared to be a horsy mane on its neck with seaweed washed over its back.

  3. In autumn 1883, two horse-headed beasts, one of them smaller than the other (suggesting or implying a juvenile), were reported off the southern coast of Panama. (Wikipedia Waterhorse)

I find the waterhorse and other sea monsters incredibly fascinating, there is so much we don’t know about the ocean. I hope they find one someday, and leave it to it’s habitat.

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