A to Z Z is for Zorya Verchernaya

Our final day of the A to Z challenge, I’m stepping out with the goddess of dusk. I thought it rather symbolic!

Zorya Verchernaya

Poussin Creative Commons

Zorya is the goddess of dusk in Slavic mythology. There are so many similarities between this legend, and Greek mythology that I found it difficult to find any artwork that wasn’t of Greek origin. Every ancient country seems to have a story about the golden chariot racing across the sky, and a woman holding the gate for him in the east, and another closing the gate behind him in the west.

The story is that the two women are sisters. Zorya Utrennyaya opens the gate each morning for Dažbog, who takes his flaming chariot across the sky. Her sister, the moon goddess Zorya Verchernaya closes the gate that evening as he leaves.

I find the imagery of a flaming chariot flying through the heavens, powered by proud and beautiful white horses, both symbolic and awe inspiring. I’m compelled to paint this myself whenever I have a bit of free time.

And this concludes the daily A to Z, creatures of fantasy challenge. I have enjoyed this project immensely and I hope all the other A to Z participants have also. Honestly this was educational for me. I didn’t know half of these creatures and their origins before I started. Everyone of them inspires some sort of tale I hope to tell. If not, maybe you will.

Thank you for following my blog this month. I’ll see if I can come up with something equally as exciting for May.

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