A Translation and a Thank You!

I am indebted to Carola Kickers, who this morning left me a beautiful present in my message box-a translation of Silvio from A Tale of the Four WIzards into German. Silvio will be included in a German anthology this August.

When I learned about a German anthology to be published by my newly acquired German author friends, I thought Silvio would be a good match. Indeed! Carola immediately volunteered her services. For that I would like to encourage all of you vampire readers, followers, and fans, to take a look at her most recent story and download it! The novel is only .99. Mediator between Worlds (Vampire Crime Story)

A complete story from the first book of the Lux Aeterna serial. Jason Dawn, the modern times vampire who does not accept his damnation offers a strange deal to the police officer Rita Hold and her boss, commissioner Harald Welsch. From now on, they solve one criminal case after the other in common. In addition, Jason Dawn is often a sometimes “uninvited” help, but a useful undercover investigator. The saga has been published by Club der Sinne as Ebook serial in German only up to now.


Rita Hold tiptoed into the kitchen wearing only her slippers and nightgown. It was ten past one in the morning and she couldn’t sleep; time for a midnight snack. Without bothering to turn on the light she took a glass out of the sideboard and opened the fridge. A split-second later the glass shattered on the tiles. For a short moment, the light from the fridge had illuminated the dark shape sitting at the kitchen table. Rita had been scared witless and dropped the glass. She hastily switched on the light.

Born in Krefeld/Germany Carola Kickers (pen-name Carol Grayson) followed the literary traces of her grandfather Hardy Kickers who became known as a composer and author of regional novels in the 1940s and 1950s. Therefore, it was obvious to found at first a small music publishing company.

Presently, the author lives in Kempen and is mainly writing Mystery and Dark Fantasy short stories and novels. But also crime novels and stories for children are put to paper by her. Some of her short stories have been published in German anthologies and several of her stories won awards. So far, she published several audio books with dark romance and mystery short stories. The vampire novel series “LUX AETERNA” – The adventures of the vampire Jason Dawn – is published in German only up to now and includes 6 volumes. The second serial has just started with volume 1 (Jason Dawn – Das Tarot der Vampire)

Meanwhile, an exclusive marketing has been built around the Jason Dawn Saga such as the tailor-made garments, perfumes or ornaments of the characters acting in the Saga.

You can also visit her German blog

Thank you again, Carola Kickers (Carol Grayson)

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