A Valentine

Valentine’s Day! A simple celebration of love.

Do you know the history behind it?

How the Roman Emperoer, so afraid that his soldiers wouldn’t want to go to war, outlawed marriage. But young men and women still fell in love, and still wanted to marry. So they went to the Catholic Bishop, Valentine, and asked him to perform the ceremonies. Valentine understood how these young couples felt about each other, and understood the need to marry. So he performed the ceremonies, even though he knew it was illegal.

When Claudius discovered that this was happening, he had Valentine arrested and sentenced to death. During the Bishop’s time in jail, he was visited frequently by the jailor’s daughter, and needless to say, they fell in love. On the day of his execution, he wrote her one last letter and signed it, “From your Valentine.”

What a sad story! And yet today, this man is honored in the most loving way.


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