Abbott, Book 5, Introduction

When Hacatine returned to Taikus after a grueling shipwreck and unsuccessful venture, she spent much of her time replenishing what she had lost. Not until her fleet was restored, was she able to reestablish the search for the missing wizards. Word came to her that Reuben may be living on the south side of the Isle of Refuge, a port well protected by the King of Alisubbo whose royal navy patrolled the channel. She dare not venture into the king’s territory, having lost many ships and a portion of Taikan shoreline in a war. Instead, Hacatine sent scouts to spy out Reuben’s location. When news came that Reuben had a child, a boy with magical powers, she planned his abduction.

Deception Peak Book 1 of this series is available now on Amazon along with the short story Silvio from A Tale of the Four Wizards, Patriarchs of the Realm which begins the adventure of Reuben and his companions.

Abbott will be published after the Diary of a Conjurer, a story of Silvio, Daryl and Promise.

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