Altered, The Day They Took the Children

Our first real Indie short film that we’ve entered in the RODE reel competition is now finished. This is a clip from the first chapter of my novel Altered. We had some great talent join us, Cindy Lemos, Liam Sanchez, Jennifer Angelucci-Medina and Jenaye Krick, with Pedar Sanchez. Videographers Alex Chandler, Jason Roberts and Daniel Lazar on boom. Just had to brag a little because this five minute short took two days of prep, two days of filming, and a whole lot of time editing. And then we sent the unfinished product to Sammy Applegate, a wonderful musician in Seattle, to compose the music.

If you find this intriguing and want to read the book it’s here.

And if you like the video we would love a People’s Choice vote here. Thanks!!

#youngadult #stories #future #HungerGames #ebook #Dystopia #YA #Indiefilmmaking #tales #Katness #Indiefilm

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