And She’s Here!

I’m only plugging my book today because it’s Cassandra’s Castle launch day!

I do hope you enjoy this story. Please spread the word. I have waited a long time for this book to be published. And a lot of people have  helped me along the way.

It all began with helping a friend research her Portuguese genealogy. At the same time I was beginning a sequel to Ian’s Realm Saga but I hadn’t had the story plotted out yet. So while researching I fell in love with Manuel II of Portugal and decided to do a time-travel historical fantasy so I could make things better for him, if only in our minds.

After the story was drafted, some friends and I packed up a lunch and headed to Port Townsend to make a book trailer. Do you remember that trailer? That was three years ago.

Wow! What a journey! Not until the rights came back to me, and I wrote a screen play…actually a series of screenplays, did I rewrite the book. I like the way it came out! I love that I just got an email from Robert Miano saying

D.L. Gardner’s “Cassandras Castle” is  “enthralling,” a must read, two thumbs up” couldn’t put it down,” “Bravo”  best, Robert Miano

And of course then we had Chris Love our director from Chicago, and Tylor Jones, an award winning cinematographer from Seattle get together and make our award winning (9 film festivals so far and three trophies) trailer.

And now, finally the book is out for all of you to read and hopefully become fans and get us moving again so we can film the TV series or feature film, whichever comes first!

Please pick up a copy. The ebook is only $3.99 everywhere ebooks are sold!

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