As the Story Goes

Odd, isn’t it, how when writing, regardless of what you try to do, words seem to mold together and address current affairs. At least for me I’m finding that it’s true.

I began Ian’s Realm Saga years ago. The Tale of the Four Wizards (now included in Diary of a Conjurer) tells the history of the island of Taikus and was written long before the current political arena. But as I weave what had happened in this fantasy Realm into my new book Fallen Morning, I’m amazed. And saddened. You see, the island of Taikus was once ruled by a strong and loving king…a wizard. (All inhabitants on Taikus are either wizards or sorceresses). The wicked queen Hacatine over-threw King Telamund and made slaves or slaughtered all the men. In Fallen Morning we have a little slave boy, Rolando, who is raised by women, and who knows nothing of his father, his grandfather, or any man for that matter. He is loyal to his queen though, and ventures out to sea with his masters, the queen’s Savant and the ships crew to find the murderer of a certain beloved soldier . (See Layla Born at Night). A squall ends their journey as the ship is destroyed in the storm and poor Rolando is the left on board scrambling for his master’s treasure chest. He barely saves himself and is washed ashore only to find himself in the hands of the enemy– Silvio– an old wizard who knows the island of Taikus all too well.

And to me, that this story seems relevant is sad. As I develop the characters on Taikus I find a resistance among the strong and beautiful women, who themselves are under oppression. The search to find their fathers, their brothers and their husbands becomes an underlying tone of the saga.

I don’t know. For some reason it just seems relevant today…that with all the push for the strong female image someone is being forgotten. The strong and loving man. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so. I’ve been told my stories are too male-oriented. I won’t change them for a fad. I won’t change them because they say something important. Perhaps they are for a another day. Perhaps the world will turn upside down again.

Or downside up. All I can say is that these stories are here to stay.

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