Charting the Otherworlds

High fantasy can be confusing. It’s little wonder that readers find the inclusion of a map a welcome relief.

But map making has also become one of the most beautiful additions to fantasy literature. Not only does it help the readers understand where a story’s characters are traveling, what sort of dangers lie ahead, and illustrate the fantasy world’s terrain, map making, as in the real world, has become an art in itself. Many artists, and authors, devote hours and hours of meticulous study while creating maps for books.

Now days, maps are also a big part of the gaming world.

So who makes these maps and how?

It seems that there has been such a demand for world building and map making that software companies are actually cashing in. Just what the maps look like that these programs create, I couldn’t tell you, but one trip to Google will pull up a few pages map makers. Campaign Cartographer 3 – ProFantasy Software seems to be one of the more popular for game maps.

I personally like the ones that are labored over by candlelight with a quill. The ones that are written by hand on some kind of crinkly folded, used, burnt corners and all type of parchment. The kind of map that could have been pulled out of a bottle floating in the ocean, or lifted from a treasure chest that had been buried a hundred years. I wonder if a computer program can make such artwork?

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