Day 1 Challenge: A Storm of Creativity – Cassie the Project Manager

Gaby Deslys, secret flame of Manuel II of Portugal 1910.

Cassie’s idea of doing a term project on revolutions that took place all over the world at the turn of the century was the best idea anyone in her class was going to come up with. There were scores of rebellions to chose from. Korea, the Philippines, China, Portugal, Turkey, even movements going on in America. All she’d need to do is choose two and compare them.

Cassie was the sort of girl that once she made up her mind to do something, that’s what she was going to do. Never mind that she was supposed to develop this project with two other people. Daemon and Monica were friends who were more than predictable. So instead of conferring with them right away, the plan was to procrastinate. If she sprang  her idea on them the last week, what could they do? They’d have to go along with her.

Neither of her two friends were going to come up with a project theme on their own,or at least not one that the other would agree to. Daemon and Monica never agreed on anything. Daemon would probably want to report on some off-the-wall sports event. Maybe he’d want to dress the part. He’d be really cute walking around in baseball knee-britches with his hair tucked into a cap and red letters dancing across his chest. The bat would be dangerous though and Monica would never approve. Of course, there’s always the possibility that Daemon would choose some kind of H.G.Wells science fiction story to act out. Daemon was pretty creative. Maybe he’d turn his bike into a time machine and steam punk it out with wheels and gears and goggles.

Can’t image what kind of grade he’d get. Sometimes teachers have a sense of humor, but not Mrs. Gregory!

On the other end of the pendulum, Monica would report on a science thesis. Cassie yawned. Everyone would be bored except for Jill Barrymore, the girl with the braids who sat in the front row of Mr. Thompson’s biology class.

A sure C minus. No thanks Monica.

Cassie would do everyone a favor and make sure the three of them would get a good grade. Good like in A. Waiting until the last week gave her time to ‘borrow’ the drama department’s costumes. Daemon can be a rebel and Monica can work for temperance and wave a flag. They’d represent heroes. With a few photos and some dialogue, the three of them would ace the project.


That was her dad. She jumped up and looked in the mirror before she moved toward the stairs. She had to blink to focus because she didn’t see herself in the reflection. She saw a young lady wearing a huge hat with a plume of feathers bouncing on top. The collar around her neck was lace and the dress was brown cotton and leg’o’mutton sleeves. Forget that her image had this remarkable flowing skirt, an unusually low waistline and jewels that glittered on the trim of her sleeves. What lured her closer were the eyes. They were brown, not blue.

“Cassie come on down for dinner.”

When Cassie blinked again the stranger in the mirror was gone. The same Cassie she’d known from birth gawked back at her.

“Coming dad!” she finally answered, wiping the cold sweat from her brow.

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