Do you Dance?

I dance with myself in the mirrors of my sanity.

My twirling, leaping reflection flows in sync

with my playful moves. She bends ever so gracefully touching fingers to toe then knee to nose.

Gliding through the empty space, we dance.

Moving to the time of our breath,

keeping the rhythm of our heart.


Do you dance? 

  Did you ever dance?

I remember anxiously waiting until everyone left the house. I would close the curtains, turn the music up as loud as I could, and dance. It was heaven. I wasn’t in the living room any longer. I flew on the clouds with the angels. I leapt through space across the stage performing for a crowd of  people. I spun on my toes, my dress would parachute around me, making my landing safe. I could dance on point like no other ballerina.

The music would take me places no man or woman ever went.

My body may refuse to dance someday, I don’t know. But if it does, I will encourage my grandchildren to dance!

#dance #dancing #fantasychild #poems

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