Do you see magic here?

Made available through Nature’

What does it take to capture a magical scene like this?

Notice the hair on the ferns, and the dew drop on the mushroom. See how lovely the light filters through the forest onto these delicate forms? How gracefully a baby fern frond uncurls as it emerges from the ground amidst the seedlings that seem to dance in its shadow?

A walk in the woods, a quiet soul, an appreciation for life, an eye for detail, a love of nature. And of course, a good camera. All these elements are essential for a master piece to be created. And what is a masterpiece? A work of art that draws the breath of the beholder and makes them stop to say…I didn’t realize there was so much beauty in that little corner of the world. 

Be it a painting, a photograph, a literary work, a sculpture, a dance, a poem, a quilt, a song, a symphony…whatever the medium someone took the time to capture a piece of their world to share with us.

Art gives a society culture and a society without culture is a dying entity. Why? Because when people step away from their environment and no longer appreciate it, they’ve cut the cord that nourishes them.

That’s why I so very much appreciate the ethnic people, folks who hang on to traditions of their ancestors and pass them to their children. Because in the world of long ago, when every person struggled to raise their own food, haul water from the well, wash clothes in the river, grind flour with a stone, walk to their markets, spin thread to make their clothes…they still wove tapestries of incredible intricate design. They took time for detail.

In our busy world today I know I am guilty of not ‘stopping to smell the roses’ so to speak. And yet, it’s the fragrance of the rose that delights my soul.

Next time you are in the woods, or on a beach, or even in a neighborhood, stop to look at the detail that this life has surrounded you with. A bird’s song, a puffy white cloud in the sky, a wave breaking on the beach, the scent of lilacs in the air. Embrace the beauty. It’s for you, and it’s free.

Thank you for sharing!

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