Fantasy Creatures from A to Z

A could be for April, or April Fools…and I suppose it is already. But that’s not what this A to Z Blog Hop theme is about. Today we begin our challenge of writing about Fantasy Creatures from A to Z.

A is for Arachne

What a sad and courageous story!

Arachne knew she was talented. So skilled at the loom was she, that Arachne boasted that she was a better weaver than the goddess Athena.

Not a good idea.

Talk like that could get you in trouble in the days when superpowers roamed the earth. Athena heard Arachne’s bragging and came disguised as an old lady to see if it were true, and to see if she would repent. Arachne laughed at the old woman’s warning, saying, “Ha, I can’t help but speak the truth. If Athena thinks I’m wrong, then let her come and take the challenge!”

Athena revealed her identity, and accepted the challenge. The two wove frantically. Athena clearly demonstrating her superior skill.

Imagine a tapestry telling a story in rich golds and reds and blue threads. Images of gods punishing mortals for even thinking they were equal. That is the cloth that Athena wove.

Opposite the goddess’s loom Arachne’s fingers pushed the batten through the weft, anger propelling her moves, her cloth depicting outrage at the mistreatment done by the gods to mortal man. In the center of her fabric she wove an image of Zeus mistreating women.

Arachne spoke truth in her creation, but Athena was offended and ripped the cloth to shreds, preparing to punish the woman.

Before Athena could lay a hand on her, though,  the beautiful Arachne hung herself. Athena was moved to compassion and resurrected her, but instead of bringing her back as a woman, Arachne was born again as a spider, who would forever be weaving her web.

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