Finding the Calm in the Storm

I’ve set my mind in not letting the wave of events of the world rob me of my peace. Why should it? As with anything else, I could become angry, afraid, disheartened. I choose not to though because it wouldn’t do me, nor the world, a bit of good.

Discipline over our emotions saves us grief.” – me

And so I’m spending my time on numerous projects. Besides marketing the novels I’ve already written, I started a new one.

Oh my, is this ever new too!

I’m not sure what genre it’s going to be slated under. There’s definitely a mystery, a romance, and a bit of paranormal wrapped up in this story. (Leave it to me to be out of the box somewhere in left field!)

The novel is something in-between House of Seven Gables and The Secret Garden.

The title: Hoarfrost to Roses. I have a Pinterest page for the book. Concept art if you will. Go check it out!

I’m not trying to write it in a month like some of my other books. I’m not even trying to finish it by the year’s end. I mean to take my time with this one as I’ve never written a mystery before even though I’ve had mysteries in my stories….well I guess An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody is a mystery of sorts. A goofy one, but still…

I did so like writing the romance of The Far Side of Heaven, and though it isn’t available right now because I’m hoping beyond hope that an agent will see it and love it, but my new high fantasy series Sword of Cho Nisi is a fantasy with a romance subplot. Or vise-versa.

Another project you might see beginning soon is a graphic of Tale of the Four Wizards. Those who like Ian’s Realm it seems are still unfamiliar with the wizard stories (they are included in the book Diary of a Conjurer) and so I was thinking of pulling them out and hiring a wonderful comic artist to create a comic book out of them. They are extremely important stories for the Realm. The four wizards are the patriarchs for the four ethnic groups in the Realm. They’re the ones who started it all!

Well enough musing. With all these projects it should be time to get back to work. Thank you for spending a moment or two on my blog.

Comments are always ALWAYS welcomed! If you don’t see your comment right away it just means I have to approve it.

Have a good week!

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