First Day of Spring Blog Hop Entry

Today I got an email from Territorial Seeds wishing me a happy first day of spring! Some sun would be nice!

Today the clouds are gray and it’s a bit chilly. We haven’t had a frost for some time, only rain.

I don’t  know if it is true where you live, but where I live the flowers seem to bloom in color stages, beginning with white.

Right now, they are well at the end of their prime, but what’s so beautiful about this tree is that when the wind blows, it snows flowers all over the yard.  Sometimes, depending on the weather other trees will bloom along with it like the huge pink Cherry Blossom tree that grows next to it. Then we have a tempest of white and pink blossoms falling from the sky. But not this year.

Just as the winter was mild, with no snow and only a couple weeks of freezing temperatures, the spring is subtly creeping in. I noticed the pear and plums are budding out. But for now, my Hostas take the crown.  They are so faithful!

Visit the other bloggers listed below and see how spring is being introduced in their neck of the woods!

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