Honor, Courage, Integrity

Through the years I have had relations with different members of various historical and reenactment groups. Had I known about such societies when I was younger, and the great advantage of being associated with them, I would have pursued the opportunity diligently.

I cannot praise these people and their organizataions enough. Just this weekend I had the privilege of being a merchant at an SCA Faire. What a wonderful, kind and caring group of people!

I believe that the three virtues I titled this blog: Honor, Courage, and Integrity are not something that simply shows up in your life. I believe these virtues come from long hours of development much as one would develop muscle tone through exercise. There’s a line I wrote for Aren in Ian’s Realm a few years back. “Integrity isn’t something you do. Integrity is who you are.”

Sadly I am only an outsider looking in. What I see takes my breath away. I see people studying history. I see them taking cultures and daily life hundreds of years ago and relearning lost arts. I see them not only learning how our ancestors lived, but the heart of what once was.

Our souls develop when we work with our hands, and not just work with them but create objects with love and care and tenderness. Have you ever been in awe at buildings that were created hundreds of years ago? Were you ever amazed at the clothing women wore in the 16th and 17th century when they not only sewed their clothing by hand, but raised the sheep, spun the wool, and wove the material to make them, and then added lace and hundreds of buttons and fine woven gold threads, and patterns we rely on machines to create today? Have you ever wondered about the hammered steel or leather armor that men wore to protect themselves, gathering from raw resources.

How about the beautiful tents that people used? How sufficient they were. How unworthy my little modern day pop up tent is compared to the tents that these people construct with their hands. Do you ever wonder about the process. The meditation and creative energy necessary to build something like that?

Society for Creative Anachronism is a society that demands that its people do the research, find the roots of what they do and remake what once was. Oh that I had started years ago to join them.

You see, it’s not just about the art. That in itself is honorable, but there’s more. What mankind has lost is the art of pouring oneself into not just his survival, but his survival with a high quality of life – Not a vegetable relying on a machine to feed and clothe it which is nothing more than a shallow existence generating all sorts of mental and physical problems.

I give these people all my respect. They find the worth in touching the elements, in living life to its fullest. In using every thread and every hour to its utmost potential. And from this wholesome way of life come some of the deepest, sincere, courageous and honorable people I have ever met.

#art #livingwholesome #SCA

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