The Joy of Writing

I must admit, my newest book Hoarfrost to Roses was incredibly enjoyable to write! After penning The Far Side of Heaven, I discovered how much I love a love story. Granted almost all my novels have a romance of some sort in them, but the novella and now Hoarfrost are true genre-valid romances.

But Paranormal? How so?

It’s not that there are shape shifters or evil spirits in Hoarfrost. The whole intent actually is to show the spirit world as a much more loving world than humanity. When our male protagonist Grai Madison is assaulted and nearly slain by a couple of thugs, he’s separated from his spirit in a near-death experience. His spirit, however, nurses him back to life and helps him find shelter in what is now the remnants of his grandfather’s estate.

He may be a ghost, but he’s not evil. In fact, Grai’s spirit provides comic relief throughout the story and I truly did enjoy imagining what it might be like to speak to my “better half” when I’m depressed. Grai is hiding out, afraid he may be assaulted again, day by day mistrusting the world. His spirit…not so much. In fact, it’s his spirit that woos Adele before Grai even sees her.

His spirit trailed him through the tunnel-like a badgering old woman. Grai resented being told what he thought, what he felt, or what he should do. The spirit had no mind, no common sense, but prodded him with emotions he didn’t care to have—that he’d be better off not having.

“What are you going to do, Grai?” his spirit asked.

“I’m going to think. I’m going to make a decision and try to keep your opinion out of it.”

“A decision on what?”

On whether I should drown you in the fountain.”

“You can’t do that.”

“I can,” Grai argued.

“You’ll die. I’ll live. It will give you no satisfaction.”

“I’ll take my chances.”

Hoarfrost to Roses will be published on Valentine’s Day, but you can pre-order a copy now on Barnes and Noble, Apple or Kobo. Find the links at Books2Read.

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